Check out this Sci-Fi Artwork by Sci-ARC professor Coy Howard.

I'll be honest; camping has never been my thing. It all sounds well and good, then there's that moment at 4 in the morning when you realize you're soaked with dew, freezing, and every bird in the forest is singing like crazy outside your "door"–no thanks.

In the world of design, the details can make all the difference. That’s why I love a good doorbell.

 I am newly obsessed with the Belgium-based website Envelope. If you're a graphics lover, I think you'll be, too.

The dreamiest roof deck in all of SF is bigger than my house. 

Because in our long and seasoned apartment-hopping lives we’ve all encountered a bedroom with a wacky width, an eight-sided dining room or a hallway that zigzags through the house like an impossible mouse maze, it is with serious relief that I announce the arrival of The Perfect Rug. 

Since the surprise shuttering last year of her award-winning, prefabricated green homes company, MK Designs, San Francisco architect Michelle Kaufmann has been busy as ever. Her latest project perfectly melds her eco-expertise and her eye for appealing aesthetics.

It is almost without fail that when I flip through a catalog I'll notice something absolutely perfect for my home... only to realize it's the one thing on the page that's not for sale. Curse those stylists, who always seem to procure exactly what I'm looking for!

There’s a subtle pressure put on parents-to-be when it comes to decorating and outfitting a baby’s nursery.

If you like to entertain, no doubt you've at one point wished to have an extra chair hanging around to accomodate guests. Well, the new twofold line from San Diego State furniture design student Christy Oates takes that need literally.


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